Welcome to better.group, dating back to our first entrepreneurial activities in 2010, we founded better.group in 2018 with the aim to change industries for the better. Under our roof, we unite successful businesses, new ventures and entrepreneurial initiatives. Visit our celebrate company to learn more about leading brands like kartenmacherei, celebrate Apps & more. If you’re are looking for a startup funding visit our better ventures website. Want to learn from experienced founders have a look at goodpreneurs

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Our strong foundation

It all started in 2010 with kartenmacherei – the leading European brand for personalized cards –which we bootstrapped to almost €50M in revenue.


Today, kartenmacherei is part of celebrate company, a group of brands that aim to turn meaningful moments into lasting memories. More than 250 team members work across five brands to fulfil our customer's wishes.

Investing in the future

At better ventures, we help founders build a fast-growing, profitable & lasting company they keep control of. We invest our own money and actively involve us providing our time and experience to founders to do the right things faster and better.

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A resource for growing entrepreneurs

We started our entrepreneurial journey without external financing. It gave us freedom and helped us to focus on what matters most: delighting our customers, building a profitable and lasting business with a great and motivated team. With goodpreneurs we're building a new platform for aspiring and existing founders to grow themselves.

Why we do, what we do

When we started our own entrepreneurial journey in 2010 with kartenmacherei, our mission was to build better products and experiences for our customers. But we didn't stop there. Across our companies, we aim to establish a better way of working together within our teams and with our partners. Since 2018 we are building and investing in further companies to change the world for the better. 

Jennifer & Christoph Behn